Engine Diagnostics

Today, most cars are controlled by computers. The fuel injectors, the spark plugs, the steering system and more are all told when to fire and when to move by an onboard computer system.

If something’s going wrong with your car or engine, your onboard computer can tell you about it. If the computer senses something is wrong with one of your car’s systems, it will turn on a dashboard light, like “ABS Brakes” or something less specific, like “Check Engine.”

Some people disregard their Check Engine light. And some have even gone as far as disabling it. This could be a costly move as you are not allowing to vehicle to tell you when something may be going arong. The best thing to do when your check engine light appears is to bring your vehicle into CARMAX AUTOCARE, so our experienced technicians can check your vehicle and advise you on what may be wrong with it.

CARMAX AUTOCARE has the latest automotive diagnostic equipment to identify what part of your engine or vehicle needs service. In addition to using our machines, we also carry out a physical diagnostic check, allowing us to check for leaks and other problems that might not be picked up by the machine.

Once we determine what the problem is we’ll carefully review with you what (if any) work needs to be done and exactly how much it will cost. With CARMAX AUTOCARE, there are never any unpleasant surprises. We do our best to keep you informed every step of the way.

Of course, the work we do is of the highest quality. Each one of our technicians has been thoroughly trained and tested.

For the latest in computerized engine diagnostics, visit CARMAX AUTOCARE today.