Yearly Maintenance Plan

A vehicle’s operating costs, number of breakdowns and trips to the workshop depends on how an owner chooses to maintain their vehicle. The vehicles used for your daily operations are your business’ lifeblood, so it’s important to keep them up and running. Waiting until your vehicle shows signs of trouble can seriously impact your productivity, and in turn, your bottom line.

Performing Preventative Maintenance on your car, means going ABOVE and BEYOND your regular oil service. It’s not just oil service, It’s a plan to prevent costly repairs. When you take the steps to not only service your car, but add preventative auto care, you’ll reap many benefits and rewards.



Preventative maintenance means that you’re checking out components on your car that are not typically part of the regular oil service. Preventative maintenance involves taking steps like inspecting the brakes, air conditioning performance, oil service, air filter replacement, power steering flush, Transmission Oil Flush, Brake Oil Flush, Coolant Flush, suspension check, ignition system check, fuel filter replacement and emissions system check. By maintaining these critical areas of your vehicle, you’ll see an improvement in the performance and the longevity of your vehicle.

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CARMAX AUTOCARE has created a maintenance approach in our Yearly Preventive Maintenance & Service Plan this plan Offers you peace of mind by taking away the worry of when you need to have you car brought in for service or preventive maintenance. We help you manage the maintenance schedule of your vehicle and follow the maintenance plan according to the Manufacturers Service Interval Maintenance structure. Maintenance, Service and Inspections are scheduled at regular intervals, which enables you to discover things that may become issues before they actually become an issue.

CARMAX Autocare Preventive Maintenance (Yearly)

Our Maintenance Plan covers Service & Preventive Maintenance of your vehicle for 365 days. We always use the Manufacturer Specified OIL for Service, which provides excellent engine protection, by preventing wear, rust, and corrosion in all climates and driving conditions.

Our Maintenance Plan includes…

  • 6 Work shop visits per year
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Multi-Point Inspection Checks
  • Oil Change Services
  • Reset Service Reminder
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Cabin Filter Replacement
  • Brake System Inspection
  • Fluid Top-Up
  • Tyre Rotation & Inspection
  • Wheel Balancing & Alignment
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Engine Tune-up
  • Wiper Blade Replacement
  • Joint Re-greasing
  • Radiator Coolant Flush
  • Fuel System Cleaning Additive
  • Vehicle Diagnostics Check
  • Battery & Charging System Analysis
  • Pickup & Drop-Off Service
  • Carwash


We advise that you consider signing-up for CARMAX AUTOGUARD or our YEARLY PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PLAN. These plans offer the BEST PRO-ACTIVE CARE for your vehicles and come at a reduced cost. As the old saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”. We will be glad to discuss any questions you may have regarding these plans.

How Planned Preventive Maintenance Works

Each vehicle is initially inspected and put through a comprehensive diagnostics before the car joins a Maintenance Plan. We then set the vehicle up on the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule. For example, most car manufacturers suggest a car’s oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first, the transmission should be checked annually, and a general tune-up should be done once a year as well.

Why This Approach Works

Instead of taking a reactive approach to Vehicle maintenance, i.e. waiting for something to break before you maintain it, preventive maintenance plans allow you to take a proactive approach. If you check your Vehicle on a regular basis, you are more likely to catch small things and repair them before they become larger issues later. Preventive maintenance lowers the chances of losing productivity due to a malfunctioning or vehicle.

Other benefits to this approach include:

  • Setting up orders for replacement parts well in advance of when you will need them.
  • You can schedule inspections for down times and lessen the impact on production time
  • If you have several pieces of the same Vehicle, you can often get a volume discount for ordering parts in bulk

Your Car Lasts Longer

Our expert staff of auto mechanics understands the importance of preventive auto maintenance. Such maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and keeps you and your family safe on the road. When our customers not only abide by their vehicle’s regular auto service schedule, but ALSO avidly follow preventative auto maintenance, they’ve kept their cars running great at 500,000 miles!

Save Money

Regularly performing preventative auto maintenance will reap many monetary rewards. For starters, preventative maintenance will reduce the depreciation of your vehicle. When it comes time to sell your used car, your car will be worth much more. Second, you’ll also be avoiding costly repairs to transmissions, engines and other vehicle components.

Preventative auto maintenance will help you plan for service work so you can avoid getting caught with lots of repair work. It also reduces your “down time” for preventative work, so you can plan your finances and schedule and not get caught with unexpected expenses and delays.

Read an article about how preventative auto maintenance benefits your pocket book.

Drive Safer

When you perform regular preventative maintenance on your car, you’ll be driving safer. Your car will perform better, and you’ll reduce the risk of having something mechanically go wrong with your vehicle. Preventative maintenance will give you the peace and comfort of knowing that you’ve done everything possible to keep your family safe and secure.

Manufacturer Recommended Auto Maintenance Schedule

Each vehicle has a manufacturer recommended auto maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. At CARMAX AUTOCARE, you can bring in your manual and we will be happy to go over all the details with you and plan your service work! If you don’t have a manual, we have all the maintenance schedules and repair information for EACH vehicle in our Auto Database Network System. Call or drop by anytime or schedule an appointment online!

CARMAX AUTOGUARD is committed to giving you every option you may need to get maximum value from your vehicle. At the same time we promise to provide the highest level of service in the industry while managing the optimum condition of your vehicle. The CARMAX AUTOGUARD protection program is a Value Package for great savings and peace of mind (Mechanical & Financial) as it allows you to lock in your vehicle maintenance cost for the year barring any inflation.

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