Time for New Tires? Know the Signs



How Do You Know if You Need New Tires?

You need to be aware of three things when deciding if you need new tires: tread wear, exposure to the elements and tire age.

Tread Wear

With this easy test, you can buy peace of mind when it comes to your tires and safety. Place a measure (ruler or tape) into several tread grooves across the tire. If you the thread grooves are not up to 1/12th of an inch, your treads are shallow and worn. If this is the case, your tires need to be replaced. If you have up to 3/12th of an inch or above. This means you probably don’t need new tires yet.

Why Worry About Tread Wear?

The most important reason to worry about tread wear is safety. When your tire treads are worn, your car may respond poorly in adverse weather conditions like rain. With good treads your car will grip the road better. Also, having insufficient tread is considered illegal by ou Road Safety and finally, worn treads can make other parts of your car wear prematurely.

Exposure to the Elements

Exposure to heat and the sun’s ultraviolet rays may cause structural changes to your tires.

Tire Age

How old are your tires? Regardless of tread wear, vehicle manufacturers generally recommend you replace your tires at five years. Most tire manufacturers recommend you replace your tires at 8 years. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations on your specific tires.

I Need New Tires

When it’s time to change your tires, CARMAX AUTOCARE wants to make purchasing a new set as simple as possible. We have the best selection of quality tires to fit your vehicle, your budget and your driving style. From economy to ultra high performance tires — in the size you need from brands you trust, including our well-known Pirelli, Bridgestone & Michellin brands .


TPMS  (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

Your tire pressure monitoring system acts as a safeguard, alerting you to inconsistent tire pressure and helping to avoid placing you and your passengers in an unsafe situation.

Flat Tire Repair

Flat tires are an unfortunate fact of life. Whether it is a slow leak, a leaky valve stem or a tire puncture, CARMAX AUTOCARE has what you need to get safely on the road again.